Empowering People with Disabilities




BIG FLATS. N.Y. (WENY) -- March is known as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. So Able 2 and Capabilities are teaming up to empower people with disabilities to conquer their dreams. 

"This month we want to focus on empowering people with disabilities, and celebrating the successes of people and what they can accomplish, opposed to the stigmas that are surrounded by people with disabilities," , Capabilities employment specialist, Valerie Ervay.

Providing Work Ethic and Skill

Brian Colborn

Brian Colborn began at Thompson & Johnson in a Community Based Work Experience (CBWE) in 2016. These experiences are authorized by ACCES VR (Adult Career and Continuing Education Services – Vocational Rehabilitation). Upon completion of this experience, Thompson & Johnson liked his work ethic and skill; and he started full time as a mechanic in October of 2017 at a competitive wage. Since the beginning, Brian has gotten several raises and is now certified as a Toyota Certified Technician. He is described as the “go to” guy for many staff as he is a great problem solver. This year, he will complete training and certification for the Bob-Cat machinery which is the heart of Thompson & Johnson. Brian loves his job and is happy with the experience he has gotten there and with the support of Capabilities, Inc. He has come out of his shell a lot and expanded his social skills. In addition, this experience has enabled Brian the opportunity to purchase his own vehicle. He has grown in both independence and skill-set. We are very proud of Brian and his accomplishments, and the experience with such a great company. 

Submitted by Deb Wheeler, Employment Specialist

Capabilities, Inc. 

Brian Colborn, Certified Technician at Thompson & Johnson

Brian Colborn, Certified Technician at Thompson & Johnson