Stop by Elmira Tea & Coffee House at 100 W. Water St in Elmira or visit our website below.

Why Coffee?

  At Capabilities, work is the core of our mission. We believe that work, synonymous with effort, is essential to well being. For over 60 years, Capabilities has helped people with barriers prepare, get and retain employment. ETCH represents our 2020 vision for employment services; an integrated, community based, social enterprise.

Our promise to you is an excellent cup of coffee or tea, with every visit. Your impact is much greater. With each purchase, you support:

· Job training, support and job creation specifically for individuals with disabilities and those recovering from substance abuse

· The opportunity for local entrepreneurs to showcase their talents, such as Tad’s Tasty Treats, and our featured artist

· Products that are regionally sourced by individuals with disabilities including Highland Chocolates, handmade pies by Special Touch bakery, a variety of our own menu selections prepared by Capabilities, and mighty leaf tea, who utilizes individuals with disabilities to package their teas for national distribution.

Have a product or person that you think might be a good fit for ETCH? We’d love to hear your suggestions. 

We hope you’ll love our products, support our mission and make a positive impact on the Elmira community.