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Our employment services can assist those who are interested in joining the world of work but who may need support in obtaining competitive employment. Our individualized approach to employment can help you find the job that best meets your needs. We offer advocacy, benefits advisement, mental health supports, on-site training, linkage and referral to other community services.

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If you're an employer who is looking for qualified employees, Capabilities can assist you. When you hire an individual from Capabilities you will receive at no cost a trained and professional Employment Specialist who can provide on-site training and support, alleviating the burden on your HR department.

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Contact Katrina at 607-734-2006 to learn more about our Employment Services

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"Working with Capabilities has been a win-win for us" Local Employer

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Why I hired a workforce no one else would | Randy Lewis | TEDxNaperville


Recycle Bin

Reduce Waste at Work

Capabilities will provide each business with a recycle bin which will be used to collect bottles and cans. We will set up a weekly time or by appointment to collect bottles/cans.

Contact Randy Reid, Business Development Manager at Capabilities. 607-734-2006 ext 128